Choosing the right materials for your PCB design is important because the materials you choose can impact the overall performance. Therefore, understanding the manufacturing process and your options are critical to design success. Knowing how the thermal and electrical properties impact your design before you get to the manufacturing stage can save you time and money while achieving best results. Join us to learn how to implement this knowledge into your next board design.

What you will learn:

  • The different types of PCB materials, categories, and the basic dielectric material properties.
  • The correlation between signal loss and operating frequency in a given PCB material.
  • Types of HDI PCB materials and best practices.
  • PCB material selection best practices.
  • PCB stack-up and its significance.
  • How to model different PCB materials in your CAD software with advanced analysis and impedance matching.
  • PCB material information straight from the manufacturing experts.

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Amit Bhal
Matthew Harms