PCB footprints and land patterns are largely overlooked but a fundamental step in the design process.

Often, engineers do not realize that their manufacturing defects may be caused by poorly designed land patterns. Delving far beyond the basics, we'll look at the more gnarly errors that trip up engineers and how to prevent costly prototype iterations and delays on your next project by bringing in more verification into your processes.

Join our On Demand during which Elizabeth Bustamante will answer:

  • What are footprints/land patterns in a PCB?
  • Footprint/land pattern types and dimensions
  • Manufacturing defects caused by footprints/land patterns
  • How to avoid footprint/land pattern defects in a PCB?
  • Quality footprint/land pattern layout guidelines
  • IPC Standards
  • Tips for an ideal footprint/land pattern generation scheme

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  • Elizabeth Bustamante