DFM Handbook

Make Sure Your Design Will Be Manufacturable the First Time

DFM is the manufacturer’s opinion on the manufacturability of products. What are the loopholes and complexities of the design? How to simplify them? Is the design even manufacturable? Or can it be designed to get it done in an optimized cost? A properly-executed DFM looks like an amalgamation of all the stakeholders including designers, engineers, contract manufacturers, and material suppliers. DFM ensures that the design is optimized and does not have unnecessary cost embedded in it.

Therefore, DFM is knowing the best design to fit your electronics in terms of both cost and complexity. DFM is an abbreviation for design for manufacturability.

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10 Chapters
75 Pages
1,500+ Downloads

1. DFM Overview

    1.1 What Is DFM?
    1.2 Design For Manufacturability In PCBs
    1.3 Why DFM?

2. The Mandatory Files

    2.1 DFM IPC Netlist

3. DFM Checks

    3.1 The Drill Technologies
    3.2 Aspect Ratio
    3.3 Drill-To-Copper
    3.4 Nomenclature And Types Of Holes
    3.5 Drill Validation Checks

4. PCB Via Design

    4.1 Types Of Vias
    4.2 Microvias
    4.3 Via-In-Pad
    4.4 PCB Design Tips For Vias

5. Annular Ring Checks

    5.1 What Is An Annular Ring?
    5.2 Construction Of An Annular Ring
    5.3 The Cosy Annular Ring Width
    5.4 Annular Ring: The Horror!

6. Signal Checks

    6.1 Conductor Width
    6.2 Spacing
    6.3 Hole Registration
    6.4 Missing Copper

7. Solder Mask Checks

    7.1 Solder Mask Clearance
    7.2 Solder Mask Opening
    7.3 Solder Mask Coverage or Expansion

8. Silkscreen Checks

    8.1 Silkscreen To Mask Spacing
    8.2 Silkscreen To Copper Spacing
    8.3 Silkscreen To Hole Spacing And Route Spacing
    8.4 Line Width And Text Height

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