Differential Pair eBook

Learn About Differential Pairs for Reliable PCB Design

Following our PCB Transmission Lines eBook (INSERT LINK), Sierra Circuits presents the Differential Pair eBook, which covers differential and common mode signals, differential impedance, even or common mode and the physical parameters of differential pairs. 

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3 Chapters
18 Pages
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1. Differential and Common Mode Signals

    1.1 Single-Ended Line
    1.2 Differential Pair Line
    1.3 Coupling Coefficient
    1.4 Differential and Common Mode Signals
          1.4.1 Odd and Even Modes
    1.5 Differential and Odd Mode Signals

2. Differential Impedance, Even or Common Mode

    2.1 Differential Impedance
    2.2 Even or Common Mode
    2.3 Recap: Odd and Even Mode Impedances

3. The Physical Parameters

    3.1 Detailed Analysis of a Differential Pair in Terms of Line Inductances and Capacitances    
    3.2 Case 1: Odd Mode (Purely Differential Signal)
    3.3 Case 2: Even Mode (Purely Common Mode Signal)    
    3.4 Single-Ended Impedance
    3.5 Two Crosstalk Related Parameters

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